Congratulations! B.Sc. thesis defended!

Congratulations to Vittorio Elvezio, who defended his Bachelor thesis in chemistry on the synthesis and characterization of nanoapatites!!  

HYPATIA @ Researchers’ Night 2018

Hypatia is at the European Researchers’ Night in Como!  

The Hypatia annual meeting is held in Como (IT)

The Hypatia annual meeting is held in Como (IT), after 1 year since the beginning of the project! Results are promising!    

HYPATIA at Agrinatura

We talked about nanotechnology and sustainable agriculture at Agrinatura. Read here the article!    

Fresh Point Magazine is talking about us!

Read  here  the news!

Cristina de Miguel Rojas joins HYPATIA Team!

Talk at the V Congreso de Horticultura al aire libre

Alejandro gave a talk on “Nanotechnology: designing more efficient agrochemicals” at the V Congreso de Horticultura al aire libre           

Hypatia group meeting @Toscalab

The Hypatia team members meet at Toscalab to discuss the latest results on the synthesis, characterization, aggregation and stability of nano-apatites.  

Congratulations! Bachelor thesis defended!!

Congratulations to Valentina Parise who successfully defended her Bachelor thesis, showing the preliminary results on nano-apatites synthesis and characterization

Congrats to Alex, the winner of “I’m a scientist” competition!

The Hypatia Team is delighted to announce that our colleague and friend Alejandro PÉREZ DE LUQUE, from IFAPA, won the Spanish edition of I’m a scientist competition. More info are available here.